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Auction #127

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Lot #
Cat / Net Est
1498 British Africa: Hundreds of Covers many on album pages, highlights include 1824 stampless Cape Town with Crown PO handstamp and "To Pay", Orange River cover "Opened Under Marshal Law", many Transvaal Boor War covers, 20th-Century Zanzibar covers, better South Africa sets to the 10', a wide range of useful material, mostly F-VF, did we say "hundreds of covers"?, N ...Net Est $3,000.00
1499 */o British Africa Revenue Collection An interesting range on stock sheets of stamps used fiscally and actual Revenue stamps, mixed condition, lots of Rhodesian Coat of Arms, values to the £20, useful lot for the Specialist, F-VF app N ...Net Est $600.00
1500 */o British Southern Africa and Zanzibar collection in a red stockbook, over 400 stamps, Bechuanaland to the 5', strong Cape of Good Hope triangles including a 1' emerald-green, Natal Q Victorias to the 5', K Edward VII to the £1.10 (plus a £10 uncounted fiscally used), Transvaal to the £1, Zululand to the 4', Zanzibar 1937-67 complete OG, NH, and Postage Dues to the 75¢, a high catalogue value useful lot, F-VF N ...Net Est $10,000.00
1501 */o 3//J17 (3//D24) 1895-1936 mounted Collection of Zanzibar includes a range of some sets, but mixed mint or used, values to the 10' (plus a few Bechuanaland and a selection of German East Africa to the 3R), some faults but useful, N ...Net Est $300.00

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